Mr. Bannister
    Email: bannistera@hasdk12.org
    Phone (HACC): (570) 459-3221
    Homeroom: M52 HACC
    Subjects / Courses
    Chemistry 1A, Chemistry 1B
    Biology 1A, Biology 1B

    Edinboro University of Pennsylvania 
    BS Chemistry: Industrial Biochemistry
    Minors in Biology and Mathematics
    Science is Fun!
    Master's Degree:
    Edinboro University of Pennsylvania 
    M.A. Middle / Secondary Instruction
    Areas of
    Chemistry (7-12)
    Biology (7-12)
      "Science does not know its debt to imagination."
    Welcome to the Wonderful World of Chemistry!!
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    hard work and a positive outlook, I promise you success with unlimited
    support.  Remember, We Must All Learn To Learn, a required trait that will follow us through all of life's challenges and obstacles!!
                                                        ~Mr. Bannister