• drafting

    Bobby J. Hebel
    Email: hebelb@hasdk12.org
    (570) 459-3221 ext. 82103
    Grade (s): 10,11,12

                      Computer Aided Drafting and Design

    Update!!!! We are going Online starting May 11th. This week May 4th - May 8th please reach out to me. You can email me @ hebelb@hasdk12.org or just comment in Schoology through our course. This first week is to update grades for Qtr 3. The following week May 11th will start Qtr 4. I will provide links to  try and download AutoCAD on your personal devices. But this is only if you have the resources, I WILL NOT hold it against anyone, if you can't. I will also provide links to our curriculum. Making contact with me counts as partcipation and effort to work together in this tough time. There won't be tests or quizzes but I will try to give you access to our material that is important to advancing in our course. Please do not STRESS!!!! we will work together. There will be paper packets passed out at school for anyone who does not have access to computers or technology. Spread that word to anyone you may know in that situation. 

    My students can obtain trial AutoCAD. You must create an account first and provide any proof of education like student ID, report card, transcript, etc.