Welcome to Dental Assisting

    Mrs. Rogers



    By now you should have completed the modules assigned in AES to finish the 4th quarter. 

    We are all heading to the end of this extraordinary school year!                                   I congratulate the seniors and wish them the very best life has to offer!  


    Please email me by Friday April 3, 2020 if you do not have computer access at home.

    The review and enrichment materials for Dental Assisting 1 and 2 are located in the Skyward Learning Center.

    If you have any problems, please don't hesitate to email me.

    Thank you for your cooperation! Miss you all!


    Dental Assisting Level I is an introduction to the dental profession and the roles of the dental team. The students will focus on dental terminology, anatomy and physiology, infection control, and safety/ emergency procedures. Students will begin to perform dental procedures such as greeting and seating a patient, sterilization of instruments and disinfection of the dental operatory.

    Dental Assisting Level II continues to prepare the student to function as an integral member of the dental health team. Students will focus on instrument identification, chairside procedures, radiology, dental materials, dental lab procedures and pharmacology. Students will practice dental laboratory skills.

    Dental Assisting Level III emphasizes instruction in office procedures, ethical/legal responsibilities and dental specialties. Students will continue to practice dental laboratory skills.