• Classroom Procedures for
    Ms. Schneider's class

    Welcome to READ 180. 
    • All Students must first take an initial Reading Inventory Test on the computer.
    • You will spend time each day at four different stations.
    • The first 20 minutes of the class period is devoted to whole group instruction where we review the Word of the Day and also review what was done the previous day.
    • After that, we break into our small groups where the students start at one of three stations.
    • The first station is the "Reading Station" where students sit in a relaxed environment (on bean bags and carpets) in their own area of the room.  For the next 20 minutes, these students are engaged in silent reading or listening to an audiobook.
    • When the buzzer rings and 20 minutes is up, the students rotate to the next area which is the "Computer Software".  In this area, student log on to READ 180 where they always begin in the Reading Zone.  They work in the Spelling Zone, Word Zone, and then eventually the Success Zone.  Success Zone means students have mastered the skills taught and are ready to move on.
    • The final area is for Small Group Instruction where students work in their "rbook".
    • Each group begins in a different area each day and rotate accordingly.
    • After each book is read, students take a quiz to assess comprehension.
    • After two workshops are completed in their "rbook", a test is taken on the computer.