• Health BBALL
    Mrs. Natt
    Email:    natth@hasdk12.org 
    Phone:   (570)-459-3221 Ext. 81559

    Subject: Health/Wellness    
    Grade:    9-12th Grade
    Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year!

    First Day of School (9/7/2021)

    Today, students will be provided with instructions, protocols, and rules to follow for the upcoming phys ed school year. 

    Students, you are responsible for the following:

    • Signing the Locker and Vehicle Search form

    • Signing the Act 145 - Prohibition of Student Smoking Form

    • Signing (parent/guardian) and returning the Student Information Card

    • Signing (parent/guardian) and returning the Nurse Emergency Contact Card

    Masks must be worn at all times during class with the exeption we are having PE outdoors. 

    PE Attire

    • Athletic shorts or pants

    • Tee shirt (NO TANK TOPS)

    • Sneakers only (NO CROCS OR BOOTS)

    Changing for PE

    • Students are to bring a change of clothes in a plastic bag. As teacher takes attendance, students must make this visible to his/her teacher. After attendance has been taken, students will proceed to the locker rooms to get changed for PE.

    • Book bags and drawstring bags are not allowed in the buidling to carry PE clothes in. 

    Microsoft Teams

    • A Daily Agenda/Unit Agenda will be posted for all students to see

    • We will be using Microsoft Teams for students who are absent and are in need of make up work

    • Period 8/9 (9th grade) will be utitilizing this platform during the 22 day Health Unit

    ** See further information regarding activities, class rules, and grading in the "Health and Wellness" tab