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    Madame Shane
    Email: shaner@hasdk12.org
    (570) 459-3221 
    Grade (s): 9-12
    Subject (s): French 

    Bonjour et bienvenue à la classe de français!

    I am very excited to have you in my French class and I know that we will have a wonderful semester together. My class is designed to help you establish a strong foundation in French. We will practice speaking, listening, reading, and writing in the target language, all the while learning about the cultural differences between our country and the Francophone countries.

    Learning a foreign language not only opens doors to the world of politics, international business, and travel, it also helps you to understand the world from a different point of view. It's just as important to learn the grammar and vocabulary of a language as it is to learn how to look at the world from someone else's vantage point. I truly hope that you enjoy my class and that you find a passion for French culture.