• I miss you guys....
    We are in a strange new time. Please, be patient with each other and strangers and workers who need to go to work.
    Please stay home.  It really can save the life of someone you love or your own.
    This is a time to come together and show our community we are not headlines or careless kids.  We are a community within a community. 
    We are strong and have great contributions to make. 


    Open Imagination


    During this school closure, all of you have our class Remind accounts AND our Schoology accounts. 

    If you have forgotten or lost any information, please email me at riedelm@hasdk12.org.

    All class activities/enrichment/etc. will be in Schoology labled and able to be submitted if you want feedback on your work.

    Remember that day you wanted to stay home and skip school? ;)

    Mrs. Riedel
    (570) 459-3221
    Grade (s):
    English 1-4/
    Honors English1-4/
    Creative Writing
    Drama Studio 1-4/
    Theater & Production
    fox    CW3
    Theater 1