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    Online Instruction

    Subject: ESL

    Class Period(s): 2-3, 5, 6-7, & 9 (See below for lessons)

    Teacher Message:

    Hi Everybody!  I hope you are staying busy and staying safe. Please complete all of the work below. Begin by WATCHING the video.

    Hola a todos. Espero que todos se mantengan ocupados y seguros. Por favor complete todo el trabajo a continuacion. Comience por ver el video.

    I am available for office hours each day from 10:00 to 11:00 to answer any questions (stilesb@hasdk12.org).

    Weekly Objective(s): 

    1. Students will be learn about the story element - THEME. First watch the video and then take the quiz.

    2. Students will use Study Island to practice identifying theme.

    3. Students will participate in independent language practice, using Rosetta Stone and Moby Max.


    If you are in Period 2-3 or 6-7                                                 

    Video Lesson 4

    All Classes: Complete "Quiz"

    Lesson 4 Video Quiz


    If you are in Period 5 or 9

    Video Lesson 4

    All Classes: Complete "Quiz"

    Lesson 4 Video Quiz


    Quick Access Student Login Links:  (Click on the logo and sign in)

     Study Island


    PDN: Word of the week: "absent" (adjective) - not present at a usual or expected place.

    Example: The absent student missed the quiz..



    ELP Standards:

    1.    Match characters to their character traits. 
    2.    Restate facts and match details.
    3.    Draw conclusions and respondto questions.




    1. Watch video lesson on THEME. 
    2. Complete worksheet to demonstrate understanding. 
    3. Review Character and Setting, introduce Plot.
    4. Complete Study Island assignment for Week of June 1st.


    Assignments and Assessments:

     -Review video and complete worksheet "quiz."  Do Review Material Lesson on Study Island.


     Independent Practice and Additional Resources:

                Click on Rosetta Stone or Duolingo (for  periods 2-3 and 6-7) or Khan Academy/oby Max (for periods 5 and 9) to    access the lessons for this week. 



    Khan Academy

    Moby Max