• Hey everyone!!!

    I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe!!!!!

    I miss all of your wonderful faces!!! :D

    If you are looking for stuff to do for Biology check out my homework page (for older things), and my assignment page for things that I have just posted!

    Feel free to look around at other teacher's pages as well, because they have some really great things also!

    If you need me for whatever reason please email me at owazanyl@hasdk12.org ( I'm checking it often!)

    If anyone is having trouble loggin on to Edgenuity your username is the first 5 uniformed letters of your last name. If you only have 4 letters i.e. Lucy Diaz a space is added Diaz luc000.

    Please contact me if there are only issues or confusion. Do NOT forget that I am here to help!

    Also I just set up my Remind 

    Add me by class code @lowaza

    If I recieve any other informtation or you have any questions this might make it easier for us to comunicate! 

    Keep on keeping on!