• Online Instruction Week 4


    Under the Sea

    Video Ocean Themed Addition Review

    Video Counting Rainbow Fish's Scales

    Worksheet I Spy Under the Sea

    Video Ocean Themed Patterns and Sorting Under the Sea

    Video Ocean Themed Same_Different_Sorting Shells


    Adding Coins


    Video Adding Nickels and Pennies

    Worksheet Adding Nickels and Pennies

    Video Adding Dimes and Pennies

    Worksheet Adding Dimes and Pennies

    Video Adding Quarters and Pennies

    Worksheet Adding Quarters and Pennies



    Video Oceam Terms and Matching First Letter

    Worksheet Matching Word to Picture Under the Sea

    Video "Octopus Under the Sea" Reading


    Does an Octopus have more arms than us?

    How many arms does the Octopus have?

    What do the arms allow him to do?'

    What do they eat?

    How can an Octopus flee?

    What are the predators for an octopus?

    What is the Octopus's defense against a shark?

    Can the shark see the Octopus in the thick ink cloud?

    How can an Octopus fit in small spaces?

    Can you see the Octopus?

    What helps camoflauge it?

    Do mother octopus protect thier eggs?

    Do you see the eggs?

    In the book, it said octopus can be as long as a _____ and as small as a _____.

    Did you like the book?


    The Rainbow Fish

    Video "Rainbow Fish" Reading

    Why was the fish the most beautiful?

    Why do you think Rainbow Fish didn't want to play with the others?

    Why was the Little Fish following Rainbow Fish?

    How did Rainbow Fish react when asked for a scale?

    What evidence makes you think that?

    How did the Little Fish react?

    Do you think it was nice that Little Fish told all the other fish?

    What do you think admire means?

    Little Blue Fish

    What do you think lonely means?

    Who did the Starfish tell Rainbow Fish to get advice from?

    What does glare mean?

    What was the Octopus's advice?

    Do you think giving away his beautiful scales will make him happy?

    What was Rainbow Fish asking himself?

    Do you think he will give the Little Fish a scale?

    Where did Little Fish put the scale?

    Who else wanted a scale from the Rainbow Fish?

    How was Rianbow Fish feeling while giving away his scales?

    How many shinny scales did Rianbow Fish have left?

    What is the moral of the story?

    Did you like the book?

    Video The Rainbow Fish Sequencing

     Wise Octopus



    Video Sink or Float Activity

    Video Ocean in a Bottle Activity

    Ocean in a Bottle

    Worksheet Where do they live?

    Worksheet Save the Ocean


     Social Studies

    Video Shipwreck Reading and Questions

    What are the remains of a ship that has been wrecked?

    Where can shipwrecks be found?

    What's a seabed?

    What does deliberate mean?

    Why do you thin someone would sink a ship?

    The UNESCO estimates that worldwide there's ____ shipwrecks?


    Video Attraction of Shipwrecks Reading and Questions

    What does historic mean?

    What are marine archaeologists?

    What do marine archaeologists hope to achieve exploring shipwrecks?

    What ship reveal informaiton about seafaring, warfare, and life in the 16th Century?

    What are military wrecks caused by?

    What period of time would you find a treasure ship?

    Why do you think there was so much treasure during this time?

    Why are shipwrecks of the oil tankers Prestige and Erika of interest?

    How do you think the oil harms the environment?

    Can there be a benefit to purposely sinking ships?

    Do you know any famous ships that sunk?




    Miss Sandrock, Miss Amy, and Miss Kathy hope you enjoyed our videos! We hope you have an amazing summer and we miss you very much! Be good for your parents and we hope to see you next school year!

                                                     Summer Vacation