Young Adults

     Miss Stish
    (570) 459-3221 ext.81100
    Grade (s): Secondary Life Skills 
    Subject (s): Life Learning English, Math, Civics, and Science
         Welcome to the Life Skill Classroom! Our classroom in room 100 thrives on positive reinforcement in a postive and safe environment.  Each day our students work on their individualized goals and social skills.  Students prepare a weekly food item and learn to sort and file papers and shred paper weekly.  Each student has a daily job within the classroom.  Instruction is given in the core subject areas of English, math, science, and history.  Every Friday our students engage in socialization skills with the other life skills class in room #114. 

     Our students participate daily at our coffee cart to learn money, employability, and social skills.  The classroom staff encourages our students to use self-help skills. 

    Coffee Cart                            Coffee Cart