Partnership Guide


    This room functions as a partnership.


    Look around. This space has been created. It is designed to help us all feel like we can breathe, so that we can accomplish the tasks set before us.

    There is a student center with items you may need. Please borrow and replace items.

    We are all experienced enough to know that to be productive and have a good part of our day be comfortable and positive, we must also be willing to respect the spaces that allow that.

    It is for these reasons that it is expected that we will all behave in good humor and kindness. We will allow each other grace to ask questions and make mistakes and not feel foolish for those things.

    We value honesty delivered with consideration.  We value honest work, honest laughter, honest compliments, and honest apologies.

    The world has given us many ways of affecting other people. We all have insecurities, worries, hopes, and changes we wish to make.

    Let this room be one that does NOT show up on social media or be used to damage another person’s feelings or self-image.


    ~Thank you.