• Welcome to 10th Grade Health/Wellness!



    11 days of Health

    11 days of Swimming

    11 days of Weight Room/Cardio

    11 days of Games

    11 days of Volleyball

    11 days of Basketball

    11 days of Games Cont'd (outdoor)


    Grading Policy

    Health Assignments - 6%

    Health Tests - 6%

    Swimming Participation - 19%

    Swimming Skills Tests - 6%

    PE Participation - 50%

    PE Skills Tests/Friday Runs - 13% 


    When you do not have gym clothes...
    1st time not changed - 5 points off grade (if wearing sneakers he/she will still be able to participate in class)
    2nd time not changed - 9 points off grade and will not participate
    3rd time not changed - 9 points off grade and a parent note will be sent home to be signed and returned
    4th time not changed and so on - 9 points off and sent to grade level Vice Principal. 
    Tardy to class with no pass...
    1st time - 2 points off
    2nd time - 9 points off and no participation
    Cell phone violation...
    1st time - 2 points off, taken and will be given back at the end of period
    2nd time and so on - 2 points off and will be sent to a grade level office to pick up at end of the day (2:35pm)