Welcome to 9th Grade Health/Wellness!
    PE Grading Policy
    Swimming Daily Participation/Behavior - 19%
    Swimming Skills Test - 6%
    Volleyball and Basketball Daily Participation/Behavior  - 39%
    Volleyball and Basketball Skills Test - 5%
    Games and Weight Room Unit Daily Participation/Behavior  -  7%
    Health Grading Policy
    Participation/Behavior - 9%
    Classwork and Quizzes - 6%
    Projects - 6%
    Chapter 18 Test - 4%
    Gym Rules:
    Sneakers must be worn in order to participate!
    No loose clothing or jewelry can be worn during class.
    No Gum
    Foul Language is unacceptable
    No Electronics!
    When you do not have gym clothes...
    1st time not changed - 2 points off grade (if wearing sneakers he/she will still be able to participate in class)
    2nd time not changed - 4 points off grade and a parent note will be sent home to be signed and returned
    3rd time not changed - 9 points off grade and sent to grade level Vice Principal
    Tardy to class with no pass...
    2 points off each day
    Cell phone violation...
    1st time - 2 points off, taken and will be given back at the end of period
    2nd time and so on - 2 points off and will be sent to a grade level office to pick up at the end of the day (2:35pm)
    9th Grade PE Units
    11 days Volleyball
    11 days Basketball
    22 days Swimming
    22 days Health
    11 days Weight Room 
    11 days Games Unit (Soccer, Frisbee, Football, Kickball and Tennis, and more)