• Hi everyone! I hope everyone is safe and healthy! Sadly. for now, we won't be in Room C09. However, that doesn't me that we can't still review and practice everything we have learned all year at home. Think about all of the skills we have worked on this year and in previous years. What better place to practice than at home helping out your parents and guardians around the house! You all have the basics you needs to help out in the kitchen  and with laundry, of course with adult supervision. That being said, I will also be posting some review work/videos on my website under assignments. I also listed questions to think about that go along with each video.  Just do your best. This work will not be graded and is really just to practice everything you've learned all year. Please know I miss all of you and hope to see you soon!!!

    Mrs. Gavio

    Ready to ZOOM?

    Beginning Monday, May 11th, 2020, we will start the next phase of the school year. We were happy to learn how many of you have been working so far and cannot wait to see you in our Zoom classes. The classes are open to all of you in the Functional Program, regardless if you are currently enrolled in the class. The link for Zoom and the instructions are listed below along with the weekly schedule. You will be emailed the Zoom meeting ID number along with the password for each class. Only students in the Functional Program are permitted to attend the Zoom classes. Please remember, the expectations for behavior are the same as if we were in the classroom. This is going to be one exciting adventure!


    1. You can create a Zoom account if you want, but it is not necessary to login.
    2. An email will be sent you the day before a class with the meeting ID number and password.
    3. Click on the Zoom link. https://zoom.us/join
    4. Copy and paste the meeting ID number into the Zoom link provided.
    5. Type in the password provided.
    6. Click “Join with Video” and then “Join with Audio” when prompted.







    11:00 am

    Job Interviewing

    Mr. Molino


    11:00 am


    Mr. Petch & Miss Marino

    11:30 am


    Miss Marino


    11:00 am

    Social Skills & Wellness

    Current Events

    Mrs. Avillion & Mrs. Tanner




    11:00 am


    Mr. Harmonosky

    11:30 am


    Mr. Harmonosky


    11:00 am

    Career Explorations

    Mrs. Gavio


    Note: OVR and MHDS are still open should you need to contact your vocational counselor or supports coordinator.