Classroom Procedures for Mr. Smith
    Little Arrow Be on time.
    Little Arrow Be prepared for class- book, pen or pencil, notebook, calculator, assignments.
    Little Arrow Do your best on all assignments and hand them in on time.
    Little ArrowBe respectful of all people in the classroom at all times.
    Little ArrowWhen I am going over a problem and writing it on the board, you need to write it in your notebook and keep quiet while doing so. This way everyone in class can understand how to solve the problem.
    arrowGo to the bathroom before class ( you have 9 minutes) If you do need to go during class try to wait for a break in activities.
    Little ArrowIf you miss a class it is your responsibility to get the notes and assignments from someone in class. 
    Little ArrowIf you are not in class for a quiz or test, it is your responsibility to seek out the teacher and make arrangements to make up the quiz or test within five school days.  If not made up within the given time period, a zero will be given for that grade.