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    Mr. Richard Tihansky
    Phone: (570) 459-3221 ext.
    Grade levels: 10-12
    Subject : Welding Technology

    Welcome to the Welding Technology website of the Hazleton Area Career Center. Welding Technology is a three year, three level course which offers students instruction in this high demand occupation.

    Students are taught safety, shop math and blueprint reading. Level one students will learn how to safely use such equipment as Oxyfuel welding, and MIG welding.  Also Oxyfuel cutting and various other types of shop equipment used for metal cutting and preparation.

    When students move onto level two they will continue to build upon what they learned in level one and continue onto more complex welding techniques as well as the introduction of welding symbols and welding joint design.

    Students who move onto level three will continue to develop their welding skills as well as build and complete complex projects.  Advanced blue print reading and welding techniques utilizing different metals and welding positions. 

    All of the skills learned in this educational process are skills that can be applied when employed in the work force. Students may also qualify for a co-op program.
    Please continue to monitor this page for information on enrichment materials.  I'm attacting several links (under the Homework tab on the left) you can view which align with information we have previously covered in class.