•  Davenport

    Mr. Davenport

    Email: davenportw@hasdk12.org

    Room C31

    Phone:  (570) 459-3221 ext. 82331

    Grades: 10/12  

    Subjects: English II/Honors English II/Honors English IV

    Welcome to my English class! There is no subject more crucial to your success as a student (or as an adult, for that matter) than English - speaking English, reading English, and writing English are a vital part of every class you take . . . and every career you can imagine. It's true! How well would you be doing in your math or science class if it was taught in a language that you don't understand? My job is to help you master your language so that you can master your future; knowledge is power, and you do want to be powerful, don't you?  

    Attention Current Students and their Parents:

    Please contact me at the email address above if there are any class-related questions, problems, or concerns that you would like to discuss. I would ask to be informed early of any issues that may impact my students' chances of success in English this year!

    Helpful Links:

    Here's a link to the MLA Research Guide (PDF), to help you with your formal writing assignments:
    Here's a link to Study Island:
    Here's a link to Common Lit:
    And here's a link to Grammar Bytes (www.chompchomp.com):