•  Davenport

    Mr. Davenport

    Email: davenportw@hasdk12.org

    Room C31

    Phone: (570) 459-3221 ext. 82331

    Grades: 10/12  

    Subjects: English II/Honors English II/Honors English IV  

    Welcome to my English class! There is no subject more crucial to your success as a student (or as an adult, for that matter) than English - speaking English, reading English, and writing English are a vital part of every class you take . . . and every career you can imagine. It's true! How well would you be doing in your math class if it was taught in Chinese? My job is to help you master your language so that you can master your future; knowledge is power, and you do want to be powerful, don't you?  

    Attention Current Students and their Parents:

    Please contact me at the email address above if there are any class-related questions, problems, or concerns that you would like to discuss. I would ask to be informed early of any issues that may impact my students' chances of success in English this year!

    Helpful Links:

    Here's a link to the MLA Research Guide (PDF), to help you with your formal writing assignments:
    Here's a link to Study Island:
    Here's a link to Common Lit:
    And here's a link to Grammar Bytes (www.chompchomp.com):