• Classroom Expectations and Procedures for
    Mr. Davenport's English Classes
    ALL STUDENTS are expected to be on time and prepared for class each day - this means you must be on time and have your class materials ready when you login/take your seat - and remember to get proper rest and nutrition: you are required to be alert, focused, and ready for the challenges the curriculum demands of you -  it's perfect preparation for your job or career after high school, and there are no exceptions!
    A Please Do Now (PDN) writing assignment will be ready for you when you arrive; your job is to think about it and respond to it, following the directions provided. These daily "journals" are numbered and tracked in your class notebook, and are a large part of your grade in this class.
    Classroom rules for conduct include ALL the district-mandated rules and regulations (dress code, electronic devices, etc.)  - EVERYONE is expected to know, understand, and follow these rules - ignorance is not an excuse - and consequences for violations are immediate and severe.
    • Participation grades are calculated every Friday (20% of grade). 
    • Tests are 25% of final grade.
    • Projects are 25% of final grade.
    • The Quarter Exam is 30% of the quarter grade.
    • The Final Exam is 30% of your final semester grade for the course.
    Being habitually late to class will most certainly make your life more difficult this year - you will be written up each and every time you are tardy, even by a few minutes, and the consequences will be most uncomfortable and inconvenient for you.
    Arriving to class unprepared to work will also be expensive - you will lose your participation points each day that you choose to come to class late and/or without your required materials. Once these valuable points are gone, there is no way to replace them.
    Violation of School Rules/Polices (in-class instruction) will cost you participation points in this class - dress code, cellphones, earphones, tobacco use by persons under 21  years of age, and acceptable behavior in a public school building have strict regulations; it is unacceptable to violate the rules concerning any of the above, so you will lose points per day if you choose to ignore them.
    Lavatory breaks (in-class instruction) will be limited and controlled, as well - do not plan to use the lavatory every class period, as it is a disruption to the class as a whole and a distraction from what you should be focused upon. All breaks will be recorded and tracked to document the whereabouts of all students, all of the time.