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    Mr. Avillion
    Email:  avillionp@hasdk12.org
    Phone: 570-459-3221 ext. 26501

    Grade:  K - 6
    Subject: Health and Physical Education

    While you are stuck at home, let's get active and try some of the activities that I've linked.  You can do 1 activity a day.  You can also click the Bingo card and try to do the activities listed for physical education, music and art.  Have fun and stay active.  Please list the activities you have completed, and keep a daily journal.  When we return to school, I would be glad to see your journals.  These are just a few options for keeping active during this time.  Feel free to do anything you like (play basketball, ride your bike, jump rope, hula hoop, play frisbee,etc.).  If you have any questions, please email me.  Mr. Avillion misses all his students and will see you soon!