• Miss Correale


    Child Care Instructor

    Grades 10th-12th

    Phone: (570) 459-3221 ext. 82500

    *****NEW May 18th****

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    I have posted your assignments for each week! You can access the assignments using your ONENOTE NOTEBOOK under the tab ONLINE LEARNING on right here on my website under ONLINE LEARNING! If you need ANY help or have any questions you know how to reach me! 

     Talk Soon!

    Miss Correale

     Hi All! I Hope YOU all are doing well! Please check you OFFICE 365 Notebooks for Enrichment and Review Activites! I have posted some podcasts, movies, videos, a virtual field trip, and some articles for you to take a look at! Some are lengthy, some are super short, some will make you cry, others will make you laugh! 
    Stay Home, Stay Safe, and REMEMBER we will be back better than ever with an even GREATER Appreciation for EACH OTHER! 
    During this time enjoy your family, your brothers, your sisters, a good book (download an e-book) and your Netflix's. There are A LOT of great shows OUT THERE! 
    If you have found or watched a show/movie that pertains to any aspect of our class let me know! We can all watch and chat about it! 
    If you need anything just reach out! You know how to get me! 
    See You Soon!
    Miss Correale