• Instructor:   Jon Patrick Trosky MSIT
    HACC - Broadcast Communications
    PADE - Cinematography & Film/Video Production 
    CIP 50.06.02


    Over the last two decades Cable TV and Radio has transitioned into "New Media". People are no longer gathering around the old fat back tube TVs like they did in the past to gather information.  News is INSTANT now, at a push of a button information can be delivered directly to what ever device that is infront of the user. As this transformation continues to evolve legacy media into modern media we must prepare for the future of what will broadcast communications look like while respecting and understanding where the occupation has come from.  What is the shot, and framing is becoming abstract as we look towards the future of frameless Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. However the central premise of story telling remains.


    This will be a hands-on class developing content from conception, to live production, to post production. By the end of their experience Students will have learned:


    Photography and still camera operation

    Cinematography and Video Camera Operation

    Cinematic shots and techniques

    Graphic Design (photoshop)

    Video Production (Premier)

    Audio Production (Audition)

    Teleprompter Operation

    Computer Graphics Operation

    Script Writing

    Lighting Techniques

    Live Event Production

    Emerging Technologies (VR/AR) Drones

    This is a professional business course and you are young adults, you are expected to conduct yourself as business professionals, with respect for others and pride in your work. Production is a collaborative effort requiring a team to achieve a shared goal. Thus, it’s important we practice this understanding and let it reflect in our actions. This is imperative to fostering a community that nourishes each other’s creativity.


    Grades will be primarily project and performance based ultimately building to a final senior portfolio. Testing will be on a bi weekly to monthly basis focused on key terminologies learned. Class Attendance, Participation, and Professionalism will also be factored into final grades.


    Our studio has a variety of task specific duties, from Technical Director controlling the Tricaster (video switcher), to the Audio Engineer mixing controlling sound levels, to Computer Graphic artists utilizing photoshop and other CG programs, to Video Editors inside of the Adobe Premier suite, to podcast and radio broadcast inside of our sound studio. By the time you graduate from this program it is expected for everyone to be comfortable in all of the above skills and vocations. 

    To follow student progress please check out our youtube page where most projects are posted. 
    HASD Broadcast - YouTube