• BroadcastCommunications
    Digital media has exploded in the last ten years and will only continue to grow. It is imperative to understand the effects and power the digital landscape has on shaping the world around us. In this class you will learn to look at digital media assets from a different perspective, one that garners youunderstanding but more importantly instills a process, a way of workingto achieve consistent results. As media producers, we are artistscharged with the task of telling a “story”, how we tell it and the techniques we use will become the foundation of your own unique style.Any production, large or small is a collaborative effort, requiring multiple skill sets and different points of view. Whether it is you and a client, or a large team with multiple departments,being able to communicate and work as a unit is integral to any successful professional endeavor.
    This class will be geared towards a hands-onprofessional orientedexperience,challenging studentsin the field of media productionevery step of the way: from concepting, creating, to post productionandplacement. You will be expected to knowvideography and cinematic techniques but also understand why it is you use those techniques and the desired effects you wish to instill on an audience. You will also learngraphic design, advertising, and photography as part of your basic digital literacy.This class will give you a holistic understanding of the digital landscapeand the tools necessary to influence it.
    This is a professional business course and you are young adults,you are expected to conduct yourself as business professionals, with respectfor othersand pridein your work. Production is a collaborative effortrequiring a team to achieve a shared goal.Thus, it’s important we practice this understanding and let it reflect in our actions.This is imperative to fostering a community that nourishes each other’s creativity.
    Grading will be dominated by projectsand content created. As a professional, you’reonly as good as your last job, everything is based off of your portfolio and past work.I hope to instill you with solid portfolios moving into the professional space. Quizzes and tests will take up the next largest percentage. Class participation will also be a heavy factor in grading. On every production collaboration is vital. Even freelance artists need to collaborate with the client to garner a shared artistic expression.
    Because of the online nature of our classes; we will be going week-to-week. For the most parta week could go as follows: we will createone video assignment a week,analyze thesethrough peer review,analyze one media source as a classin terms of film history and technique, discuss relevant media topics in terms of current events and societal impact,weekly vocabulary quizzes. Ideally, we will look at a topic or technique at the beginning of the week, deconstruct and analyze it, and hopefully recreate itutilizing new knowledge gained throughout the week.As we build week-by-week, your understanding and skill sets will grow as welluntil you’re producing well thought out,stylized content for specific audiences and platforms.
    As your knowledge of the equipment grows and we solidify that skill set you will gain access to more equipment. This equipment is professional grade and top of the industry giving us unparalleled tools to create. It is important we treat the equipment with respect so we can keep using it. Each student will sign the equipment out andbegiven the opportunity to use it as their own. This is a privilege that is earnedand can easily be lost. Treat it as your own, these are tools of your craft by the way. All equipment and batteries used during class should be returned by the end.