• Testing Procedures for
    Mr. Davenport's English Classes
    Tests and quizzes are given before (diagnostic), during (formative), and after (comprehensive) both major and minor skill sets (anchors) have been taught and practiced. Attendance, therefore, is crucial to your success on comprehensive examinations. Missing class time means missing the instruction, direction, and practice necessary to master the skills required to complete this course. If your absence during a quiz, test, or other assessment is unexcused, I am not obligated to give you a makeup - in other words, skip a test, receive a zero. 
    Tests and quizzes count as 25% of your final grade, and therefore should be taken very seriously - it's far too easy to receive a 0% on a test! All you have to do is fail to read the directions carefully, steal someone else's answers, or give yourself an unexcused absence on the day of the test. Also, complete and total quiet is absolutely required during testing to ensure that no student is distracted or falsely suspected of cheating.
    On the positive side, I am more than happy to assist anyone at any time during the test. I will not give answers, but I may change the language or further explain what the questions are asking, if you should need my help.
    Online assignments are required to be completed on a weekly basis. Study Island, Common Lit, and free practice at Grammar Bytes! are provided to give students the opportunity and convenience of Internet access so that absences from school are no longer a valid excuse to not submit required assignments. Failure to do by the posted deadlines will be an impediment to passing the class.
    The key to taking tests and quizzes is to understand what they are for: to simply measure what you know and what you do not know. It's been my own experience that we tend to learn more from incorrect answers than correct ones if we take the time to do so, and that finishing a test as fast as you can just to "get it over with" is always a bad idea.