Classroom Procedures for
    Mrs. Gavio

    Students will have the opportunity to work in 3 areas:

    1.    Kitchen  -Students will gain transferrable work skills in the kitchen area.  They will learn a variety of skills which cross many curricular areas including reading recipes ,accurately measuring dry/wet ingredients and following multiple step directions. These skills are necessary for students to become proficient on the state assessment tests. They will also allow students to complete a process from start to finish independently.

    2 Laundry -Students will be trained to work the newly purchased front loading washers and dryers.They will also be taught how to properly iron/steam garments. Our goal in this area of the shop is to bring in live work for the students to process as a business within the school much like our vocational course do.

    3.      Coffee Cart/Workshop Skills- Students will be trained in various skills related to hands-on transferrable work skills. They will complete various workshop skills training for future employment. In addition, students with rotate through groups, including the school coffee cafe. Students will learn various steps for taking orders and filing orders. In addition, students will practice social skills and functional math skills.
    The students will spend 1 week in each area and have the opportunity to become proficient in all skills. They will continue to rotate through the areas and learn more complex skills as the year progresses.