An instructional program that prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills as each relates to gathering and translating of data or specifications including basic aspects of planning, preparing and interpreting mechanical, architectural, structural, civil, electrical/electronic, and other drawings and sketches.



          At the Hazleton Area Career Center, we are preparing high school students with the necessary skills to be successful in many aspects of life. A course in drafting is essential in the education of any young / future engineers and/or technicians. It will help you develop the capacity to plan and problem solve in an organized fashion. It is also helpful with interpreting and conveying ideas in an understandable uniform way.

    CADD, the “language of industry” or the “universal language” offers many career opportunities. Industry uses a precise language because the drawings must communicate the information necessary to manufacture or create the ideas that the designer has in mind. A student will master a set of skills sets from competency based curriculum to show his/her strengths in the career path.