* Understand the major theories, scientific methods and concepts utilized in Computer   

       Aided Drafting & Design.


    * Explore the careers related to design while using AutoDesk softwares.

    * Ascertain knowledge regarding the interconnectedness and interaction of drafting/design and various engineering/ technical careers and life.


    * Apply critical thinking skills and problem solving to course content.


    * Get a credential in AutoCAD and General Drafting through NOCTI.

               National Organization of Competency Testing Institute

             A student that succesfully completes the Computer Aided Drafting Elective can be enrolled into the level 2 and level 3 program at the Career Center. Note: All students can keep there academic status and college prep status in the intensive scheduling model.
    All Students create a hard copy portfolio and a digital portfolio. Go to WWW.SCHOOLOGY.COM use your students usename and password to view work and check grades. This is not the same as skyward. It's an account that your child created the first week of school in class.