***BEFORE YOU DO ANY WORK, LOG ONTO EDGENUITY, THIS WILL MAKE SURE YOUR ATTENDANCE IS TAKEN***  Edgenuity - use your school login and password 


    Turn all work into Miss Brown.  Email- browne@hasdk12.org



     Week 1-May 11th-17th COMPLETE!

    • Greek Mythology Notes
      • You do not have to take these notes in your notebook, since they will always be here.  You can refer to these notes always.  
    • Greek Mythology Packet
      • Fill in the missing blanks in the packet.  The websites are provided and you can use your notes.  


    Week 2- May 18th-24th  COMPLETE

    Greek Mythology Scavengerhunt

    • Fill in the blanks on from the scavenger hunt.  You can use Google, notes, and other websites.
    • Work on pages 3-9
    • On a piece of paper fill in the blanks under each God/Goddess
    • When emailing, for the subject write WEEK 2


    Week 3- May 25th-31st

    Greek Mythology Webquest

    • Fill in the 2 CHARTS from the webquest.  You can use Google, notes, and any other website. 


     Week 4 June 1st-5th

    • Simple Stories
      • Read pages 11-14.  Read the stories and answer the questions. 



    Work on ReadTheory to practice with your reading skills!




    Choose any game and practice your reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills!

    ESL Games



    Watch the following video.  In 5 sentences, tell me how this song made you feel and tell me how you cant relate to this song/video. Email me your response when you are done. browne@hasdk12.org 


    We're all in This Together





    Even if you read a story, listen to music, watch TV ( ALL -IN ENGLISH) believe it or not, you are still practicing with your English. 

    We do not want you to lose the progress you have made.  Challenge yourself, it will benefit you!