Note from our HASD Superintendent:

    Dear Parents/Guardians:
    As you know, the District has been working diligently in reaching all students and building a “best practice” direction for HASD in regard to instruction. This is a difficult task because numbers, addresses, and emails change frequently. We have reached out through social media, School Messenger, HASD Announcements App, Google Voice, Television Interviews (English and Spanish), etc. to try to contact all students. Our next step is to release numbers for parents/guardians to submit any phone number changes and email changes. These will be available shortly.
    District Administrators, Building Administrators, and Teachers have been meeting regularly to make sure we are answering all questions and trying to eliminate as many issues as we can before going “live”. The following will provide you with our direction for the foreseeable future.
    The District does not have ample computers for every student to be issued one. We have been trying to secure grants and have also rearranged budgeted money to purchase more. As I’m sure you are aware, there is a shortage of computing devices due to the pandemic and all schools across the Nation are in the same situation.
    • Teacher websites have been updated to reflect a template for consistency among the grade bands and subject bands.
    • Educational materials will be placed on those (teacher) websites for students and parents to access the content.
    • If a child/family does not have Internet access or a computer/tablet, we will plan for paper/pencil instruction through the teachers/grade bands/subject bands for those families/students.
    • Middle and High Schools will use Edgenuity for their educational platform.
    • Elementary Schools will use Imagine Learning, Raz Kids, or Study Island.
    • We are also working on a different way to reach families who may not have access to the Internet or a computer. Once that has been finalized, I will send the information out to all families.
    • We are working with DiscoverNEPA to assist with additional enrichment materials that can supplement our instruction. Details will be available once this has been finalized.
    • To access your child's teachers' websites, go to http://www.hasdk12.org.
    o Select your child's school from the “Select a School” drop down menu.
    o Click on the “Teachers” tab and all teachers for that specific school are alphabetized by last name.
    o Click on a teacher's name to access their website.
    • The week of April 27, 2020, we will hold Parent/Guardian Training Sessions for the different grade level/subject area platforms. These trainings will be looped (continuously) on Channel 99 for those who are unable to attend and/or need to be refreshed on the information.
    o Trainings will be in both English and Spanish.
    ▪ K-2 – April 29 – English: 6 pm; Spanish: 7 pm
    ▪ 3-6 – April 30 – English: 6 pm; Spanish: 7 pm
    ▪ 7-12 – May 1 – English: 6 pm; Spanish: 7 pm
    • The week of May 4, 2020 will be “make-up” week for quarter 3 grades.
    o Students will have an opportunity to make up any work that is necessary that may increase their quarter grade and overall grade.
    • The week of May 11, 2020, we will launch full instruction for all students on a “satisfactory/unsatisfactory” level.
    o Quarters 1 through 3 will be used to calculate a student’s GPA. Quarter 4 will only count toward credits and not GPA.
    o Participation levels will be used to address the 4th quarter grading system.
    ▪ 0 – 50% participation will be considered unsatisfactory.
    ▪ 51 – 100% participation will be satisfactory.
    Food Distribution
    Food distribution will continue to be provided via the following schedule (enough food will be provided to students for all other days not listed): 11:30 am to 12:45 pm at HTEMS, FEMS, and HAHS
    • The week of April 27, 2020 – Monday, Tuesday, and Friday
    • The week of May 4, 2020 (until further notice) – Tuesday and Friday
    • We’re helping to coordinate efforts with the City to reach more students
    As things evolve, information will be supplied through all means available to the District. Please contact your child’s teacher(s) or the grade level principals/assistant principals should you have any questions.
    Please remain safe and continue to follow all directives provided by the Government and PDE.
    We always keep the best interest of all of our 12,000+ students across each of our 13 buildings in mind. We will get through this by working together.
    I appreciate all of your support for the HASD!
    Thank you!
    Brian T. Uplinger
    Superintendent of Schools
    Grade Level/Subject Level Principal Contacts
    K – 2
    Mr. Phil Latella – latellap@hasdk12.org
    Mrs. Jocelyn Podlesney – podlesneyj@hasdk12.org
    Mr. Joseph Barletta – barlettaj@hasdk12.org
    Mr. Jason Lagowy – lagowyj@hasdk12.org
    Mr. Kevin Schadder – schadderk@hasdk12.org
    3 – 6
    Mr. Frank Walton – waltonf@hasdk12.org
    Mr. Mathew Marnell - marnellm@hasdk12.org
    Mr. Daniel Diehl – diehld@hasdk12.org
    Mr. Jason Williams – williamsj@hasdk12.org
    Dr. Mark Delese – delesem@hasdk12.org
    Mrs. Laura Barletta – barlettal@hasdk12.org
    7 – 8
    Mr. Chris Yourechko – yourechkoc@hasdk12.org
    Dr. Jeanne Conahan – conahanj@hasdk12.org
    Ms. Debbie Faith Kupsho – kupshod@hasdk12.org
    Mr. Keith Schifano – schifanok@hasdk12.org
    Mr. Rocco Petrone – petroner@hasdk12.org
    Mrs. Lori Herman – hermanl@hasdk12.org
    Mrs. Marie Ernst – ernstm@hasdk12.org
    Dr. Anthony Conston – constona@hasdk12.org
    Mr. Robert Ritz – ritzr@hasdk12.org
    Mrs. Tammy Skotek – skotekt@hasdk12.org
    Mr. Kristin Bonomo – bonomokr@hasdk12.org
    Mr. Jeffrey Weed – weedj@hasdk12.org
    Mr. Michael Pozzessere – pozzesserem@hasdk12.org

    Email:  smithd@hasdk12.org

    Phone: (570) 459-3221

    Homeroom: B-22 HACC

    Subjects: Honors Chemistry 1A,1B 

                    Biology 1A,1B