Classroom Procedures- Cell Phones

  • Classroom Procedures for Law Enforcement Class
    Cell phones are not permitted in the classroom.
    Students are graded on student performance, participation, attendance, employ-ability skills, live work, tests, quizzes, and notebooks.
    Little Arrow Changing into a complete uniform on a daily basis and behavior is part of the employ-ability grade.
    Little Arrow A written report is due after every lab, performance project, or guest speaker.
    Little Arrow Quizzes are given after every sub-unit of study and are announced.
         Tests are given after completion of every unit of study. A re-test is always
          to assist students to achieve their academic achievement.
    Grading is entered in the skyward as soon as possible. A grading system of the following is used in this program:
    1. Classwork-20%
    2. Homework-10%
    3. Projects- 10%
    4. Uniform/ employ-ability skills-25%
    5. Tests-20%
    6. Quizzes- 20%

    A student is required to keep a PDN section in their notebooks for short assignments- those assignments will be added to the lowest test grade as extra credit points.

    Students are our priority, we must care for them and teach them how to become productive members of society. They are our future. I am truly blessed to have been touched by so many lives. Thank you for allowing me to teach your child. Together,  as a team, I hope to assist and  help them with their academic achievements and life goals.
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