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    Nadine Sist
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    Grade (s):10-12
    Subject (s):Law Enforcement
    Welcome to the Hazleton Area Career Center Law Enforcement Program Web Page
    The Law Enforcement Program at the career center is a three year program which has three levels. Each level builds off the previous level. Students are required to wear a uniform for class, participate in physical training, self-defense, group work, team bulding skills, completing reading and written assignemnts, and performance skills. Students learn a variety of police skills including but not limited to handcuffing, crime scene investigation, traffic stops, fingerprinting, fingerprint lifting, developing and collecting evience, developing suspects, interrogation an interview skills, and more.
    Students who are interested in applying for the Law Enforcement Program should have a clean criminal background, no criminal arrests. Students should be enrolled in college prep or career tech/prep programs to obtain the necessary classes needed for college after completion of this course.
    Students are required to maintain a "B" average in class to be considered for duel enrollment and to meet articulation agreements with colleges. More information is offered throughout the school year about various outside programs. Information can be obtained through the guidance office.
    Students will be offered opportunities to participate in field trips and events that take place throughout the school year. Only those students who maintain an excellent attendance record and disciplinary record will be accepted to participate in those functions. Inappropriate behaviors can lead to non-participation in activities or removal from this class.
    Students are also required to complete community service hours. Colleges and Police Departments require hours to ensure that they are accepting well rounded individuals that are committed to their communities. 
    The mission of the Hazleton Area School District and Law Enforcement Progarm is to educate all students to become self-directed, life long learners and responsible, contributing memebers of society. We are dedicated to have students become productive members of society.
    The goals of the Hazleton Area Career Center Law Enforcement Program are:
    • Develop a sense of self-worth and confidence in the student.
    • Develop a sense of self-discipline in order to accomplish any goals in life.
    • Develop the art of communication, written and oral.
    • Acquire some of the life skills needed to obtain gainful employment in law enforcement and security or any other occupation in the future.
    • In general, to acquire an understanding of the responsibilities an disadvantages of living and working in our society.
    - PARENTS- Students are required to have a uniform. Black long sleeved shirts and pants. Dickies are comfortable and last longer than other pants. A two or three inch binder is required with loose leaf paper and dividers.