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    SAT Information:
       Primarily of interest for my Juniors, but it won't hurt the Sophomores to take a peek...  Here is the link to the upcoming SAT test schedule.  My personal advice, to be taken with a grain of salt:  Juniors should take the SAT once in the spring, the later the better since you will have had a full run of whatever math class you are in second semester.  Use this as a baseline for at least one more test in the late fall of your Senior year. 
       One strategy:  take the SAT at least once your senior year, concentrating on the areas that you were weakest in your first attempt. There is a case of diminishing returns by taking the SAT three or four times; you may see some incrimental changes, but those changes will become smaller with each succesive attempt.
        Here is a link to some test preparation advice.  There are tons of preparation materials for sale, but be wary, this is not a problem you can buy yourself out of.  The best investment you can make is time - nothing can replace time spent reading challenging books and practicing challenging math!