• Mr. Hearne

    1.) The golden rule: Treat others as you would like to be treated. My classroom is one of respect between classmates and myself. If you treat me with respect, it will be returned tenfold.

    2.) Every student MUST come prepared to class with a pen/pencil, eraser, notebook, folder, and textbook when assigned. BE POSITIVE & READY TO LEARN!

    3.) In adherence to school rules food, beverages, or electronic devices will not be permitted within the classroom. The consumption of food or beverages and the possession of an electronic device are grounds for disciplinary action.

    4.) Always act in an appropriate manner.

    5.) A student may be removed from the classroom if he/she violates any rules or regulations regarding dress code, insubordination, use of profanity, bullying, aggression, etc.

    6.) Make-up and/or extra credit assignments are given at the discretion of the instructor and may require administrative approval.

    7.) Parents must notify the instructor in writing and in advance of an anticipated absence. It is the responsibility of the STUDENT to acquire any missed assignments during his/her absence. In the event of extended vacation, illness, bereavement, or special circumstances during the school year, a lesson package may be provided. Make-up examination(s) may NOT be proctored by the parent.

    8.) If you need help in my class, or any other class, please see me after class or let me know.