Weekly Curriculum:



    Essential Question: What makes different animals unique?                                                                                           


    Current Stories: "Get a Backbone"




    Spelling Words:      misprint, misread, mistrust, misspell, mistreat

                                          precut, preview, prepaid, preplan, preheat  

                                          distrust, discount, dishonest, discover, disable, 

            Review Words:    stairs, rear, where



    Challenge Words: prejudge, disconnect




                                 unique - the only one of its kind 

                                 disbelief - lack belief about something

                                 dismay - shock and surprises

                                 fabulous - amazing

                                 features - things that are noticeable 

                                 offered - presented with something as a choice

                                 splendid - very beautiful or magnificent

                                 watchful - watching carefully