If you want to read a book online: 

    -Go on www.funbrain.com. Pick a grade level from the black squares at the top. There are many books to read at each level. Choose something you would like to read. Write something that happened in the story (each day you read). Make sure you write the title of the book.


    * Here are some links to websites that I thought you may find interesting. Find something that interests you.  

    www.teach-nology.com-Many skills/worksheets available for all subject areas. Choose subject on the left side and many topics will come up with links to worksheets. 

    kids.nationalgeographic.com-There are stories and videos you can read/watch. Write something about what you learned.

    storylineonline.net-Celebrities read children's books. Listen to story and write something about what you heard. 

    theeducatorsspinonit.com-I love this site! In the search box, type virtual field trips. You can click on the links and go around the world and even into space! Tell me where you went and what you saw.

    http://learninggamesforkids.com On the side, there is a menu. Under word games, there is hangman and word searches.
    news.disney.com - This a new Disney site (Disney Magic Moments) where you can learn to draw Olaf and other characters, watch parades, go on a ride or two, hear celebrities read books.