• Parents Check Out Skyward!!
    How to Use Skyward- A guide for parents
    Como Usar Skyward- Una guía para padres
    How you can help your child succeed...
    It is a researched fact that the more parents are involved in their child's schooling, the better they will do. There are many different ways that you could help your child be successful!! I hope to work together with you in guiding your child to achieve their goals! 
     "The "co-learning" that takes place when family members work side by side on project builds relationships and encourages important conversations." - Article Family Engagement in Anywhere, Anytime Learning
    After School Questions to Ask Your Child...
    • What story did you read today?
    • What is the genre? How do we know that?
    • Who are the characters? What are they like?
    • What is one detail/fact from the story?
    • What was the author's purpose?
    • What did you do in math today?
    • What skill are you practicing in your spelling words this week?

    A Great Link with ways to be Involved...
     Another Wonderful Link explaining 2nd grade...
    Websites to promote practicing skills at home...

    Star Math: Math Fact in a Flash

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