By DUSTIN NELSONPublished On 05/02/2017



    If you ask a child to name jobs that make a lot of money, they'll probably mention a doctor. It's a profession connected with earning an impressive salary. (Of course, it's also associated with helping people and student loan debt, for some.)

    So, how much do doctors actually make? It varies between specialties, but the WebMD-owned Medscape has released the 2017 Physician Compensation Report to give a much longer answer to the question than you were looking for. 

    The data in the report comes from the self-reported income of more than 19,200 doctors across 27 specialties in the United States.


    Doctors who work with children are near the bottom of the above chart, while specialists hover near the top. On average, specialists make 45.6 percent more than primary care physicians. That's the exact same salary gap the report found in 2015.

    The full report contains an in-depth breakdown of physician income. One insight, highlighted by Business Insider, reveals that white doctors, regardless of their specialty, tend to make more money than their "equally qualified peers of color."

    While some specialties have had income ups and downs over the years -- and physicians tend to make more money working in small cities -- the overall average income across specialties has risen regularly since 2011. In that year, the average income was $206,000. The average is up to $294,000 in the latest report. One of the reasons for the rise is "intense competition for doctors," Travis Singleton, senior vice president of Merritt Hawkins, told BI.


    Orthopedics $489,000

    Plastic Surgery $450,000

    Cardiology $410,000

    Urology $400,000

    Otolaryngology $398,000

    Radiology $396,000

    Gastroenterology $352,000

    Emergency Medicine $339,000

    Oncology $324,000

    Critical Care $334,000

    Pulmonary Medicine $310,000

    Pathology $293,000

    OB/GYN $286,000

    Nephrology $280,000

    Allergy Immunolgy $257,000

    Neurology $249,000

    Rheumotology $235,000

    Psychiatry $235,000

    Infectious Disease $228,000

    Internal Medicine $225,000

    Endocrinology $220,000

    Family Medicine $209,000

    Pediatrics $202,000