Words are powerful!

New Vocabulary


    1. alcove – a small space set back in a wall or room.

    Ex. We moved our table into the alcove of our kitchen.


    1. commerce – the buying and selling of products to make money.

    Ex. All commerce involves trading goods or services for money.


    1. domestic – being related to family or life at home.

    Ex. The sisters’ domestic chores include cleaning up after meals.


    1. exotic – a person, place, or object that is unusual and interesting.

    Ex. In my city, owning an exotic pet, such as a dangerous snake, is illegal.


    1. fluent – speaking or writing a language well.

    Ex. Having lived in Spain, she is fluent in English and Spanish.


    1. stifling – suffocating or extremely close.

    Ex. Splashing in a wading pool is one way to cool off in this stifling heat.


    1. upheaval – major or sudden change that often creates problems or distress.

    Ex. An energetic new puppy can cause some upheaval in a home.


    1. utmost – of the greatest or highest degree or amount.

    EX. A good doctor treats patients with the utmost care.