• In general music class for K-2,  I teach my students the basics of music.  They learn to sing, keep steady beat, and how to count music.  It's a time for the studetns to get out of their seats and express themselves to the music.  I play all types of music from the Beatles, Charlie Parker to Lady Gaga.   For my students in grades 3-6 grade I try to help them understand more complicated topics.  I introduce my 3rd grade to the flutophone whcih will help them decide what instrumnet they are going to play in 4th grade.  In fifth and sixth grade I do more hands on learning using bells and boom wackers.  They use text books where they are introduced to different cultures and styles of singing.  We talk tabout everthing from Rock n' Roll to Broadway Musicals.  
    I also teach all the instrumental music at Height Terrace.  Students in 4th grade begin their journey on band instrumnets.  The instrumnets available to choose from are the woodwind family: Flute, Clarinet, and Alto Saxophone.  brass family: Trumpet, and Trombone.  Percussion family: Snare Drum, Bells
    Students from 4-8 grade can begin a band instrumnet.  For more information please come to meet the teacher on Tuesday August 31..  You can also check out the tab on my website for Instrumental Rental Information.
    Our music department works together so your student has a well rounded education.