Co-operative Education Policy


    1.  Students must be punctual at work and school.

    2.  If student is absent from school, students are not permitted to report to their job site.

    3.  Cutting work or school is cause for removal from program.

    4.  When ill and forced to be absent, student should contact their employer and school by 8 


    5.  Students not scheduled for work on any particular day, must report to the Career Center. 

    6.  Students may not leave the job site for personal business during working hours.

    7.  Work schedule changes must be reported to the co-op teacher immediately.

    8.  Controversial employment problems should be discussed with the co-op teacher who, in    

     turn, will discuss the problems with the employer.

    9.  Any student who is fired will receive a failing grade for that portion of the grading period  

     that the student spent on the job.

    10.  Students who want to terminate employment must give the employer and the co-op 

     teacher two (2) weeks’ notice prior to terminating the employment.  Failure to give proper 

     notice will result in a failing grade for that portion of the grading period spent working.

    11.  Students must report to the Career Center for a monthly co-op class.

    12.  Grades will be based on the following criteria:  A. Work evaluation;  B.  Attitude; C. Work 

     dress; D. Attendance at co-op classes; E. Performance in class; F. School attendance.


    Student Eligibility


    1.    Employable student who wants to learn in an “on-the-job” environment.

    2.    Senior students who are in the second or third year of a career-technical program.

    3.    Grade average of “C” or better in all subject areas.

    4.    Good school attendance record.

    5.    Positive school and work attitude.

    6.    Must be recommended by the career-technical program instructor.

    7.    Student must provide own transportation.

    8.    Employment must be related to student’s career/technical program.

    9.    Must have a Social Security card.

    10.  If student is under 18 years of age, a work permit is required.


    Employer Regulations


    1.    Must complete a Training Agreement and Training Outline and agree to train and evaluate 

            the work experience of the student.

    2.    Employer must pay at least a minimum wage or higher.

    3.    Workman’s compensation must be carried by the business.

    4.    The business must adhere to Federal and State Labor Laws and Safety Regulations.