• Students are to log into:    NGLSYNC  student registration

    You will each have your own access code. 


    Click this page to see your access code: Access Code


         Level 1 students use this URL login:


    Course Key:MTPPB57NK16L  



         Level 2 students use this URL login:


    Course Key:MTPN091NKN81


         Level 3 students use this URL login:


    Course Key:MTPQ338N6FWT


    Make sure you use your school ID for your password.

    Step by step instructions to get registered:    https://www.cengage.com/coursepages/uploads/74509c17fd46a824b75e0f851b98264b_p_7654.pdf




    Follow steps to create an account.  If there are any questions please feel free to email me anytime bereznakj@hasdk12.org. 

    Thank You,  Mr. Bereznak