• Testing and Grading Procedures for
    Mrs. Mariano
    Kitty testing
    Little Arrow Spelling tests will be given every other Friday.  I will notify the class if there is a change
        to this due to a holiday, etc. 
    Little Arrow Reading tests and quizzes will have multiple choice questions as well as open-ended questions (writing a short response).They will at times also contain writing prompts in which students will be asked to write one or two paragraphs for their answer. These assessments will test the students on the skills they are learning in class, vocabulary words, and comprehension questions from various stories that are read in class.  
    Little ArrowEnglish quizzes are given throughout each quarter. Students will have notes and examples in their English notebooks on each topic, as well as exercises that they have completed. The English notebooks will be graded to check if students are taking organized notes and completing classroom exercises.
    All quiz and test dates will be posted on my homework page and written on the homework section of the classroom board. Students are welcome to take home English books the night before the test or quiz to study! Students can also use the McGraw-Hill website found on my homepage to practice skills, reread stories, or play fun vocabulary games to study for test and quizzes!
    Grading Policy
         F=Below 70