• PDN assignment stands for "Please Do Know"

    Typically most of the classes at the high school level start with a PDN activity.

    For my Functional English class I have the students read and review a short online news article from MSN news.

    Specifically, MSN NEWS then selecting the GOOD NEWS tab, we together as a class choose a story and answer the 5 WH questions.






    Sample story:

    This principal didn't let a school closure stop her from announcing this year's valedictorian and salutatorian

    By Alisha Ebrahimji, CNN  1 day ago

    Even though her school is closed because of the coronavirus outbreak, a Michigan principal still found a way to deliver some good news to two deserving seniors. 

    val ©

    Principal Michelle Floering (left) telling her student, Kaitlyn Watson (right) that she's the school's valedictorian

    Michelle Floering is the secondary principal at Grand Traverse Academy in Traverse City, Michigan. Her school has been closed since March 13, she told CNN.

    Usually the school notifies the students who earn the valedictorian and salutatorian honor in person, according to Floering. The senior class this year has 47 students.

    With circumstances stopping that tradition, Floering said calling or video calling these students didn't feel good enough.

    "You always have to find the positive in every circumstance," Floering said. "It is still OK to have celebrations."

    Without hesitation, Floering got in her car to personally deliver the news to Grand Traverse Academy's valedictorian, Kaitlyn Watson while she was working at a local fast food chain.

    "I called her (Watson's) mom and she told me where she (Watson) was working as an essential employee," Floering said. "I asked her if she thought Kaitlyn would mind if I showed up and she said no."

    In the video, Floering orders a drink and when she gets to the window, asks to see Watson.

    "I wanna announce something to you today," Floering said in the video. "You are GTA's 2020 class valedictorian."

    Watson can be heard asking, "I am? Oh my gosh, thank you so much."

    She told CNN she was completely surprised by the gesture but this is just a testament to how close the school staff are with its students.

    "It meant the world to me," Watson said. "She (Floering) did not have to drive out there to tell me and she did. She really made an effort to make the moment so special."

    With senior milestones like prom, study abroad and graduation taken away from Watson and her senior peers, she said she's grateful to hold onto this memory.

    But that's not the only surprise Floering had up her sleeve.

    She said she knew she had to do something special to notify the school's salutatorian, Alyssa Tarkowski as well. 



    So, then ask the 5 WH questions


    WHO:  Principal Michelle Floering & Kaitlyn Watson

    What: Principal personally delivers news that Kaitlyn was the class valedictorian.

    When: sometime recently just after March 13th shutdown the schools.

    Where:  Michigan, specifically Grand Traverse Academy

    Why: Because with all that has happened with closings the principal wanted to do something nice for Kaitlyn and tell her in person.


    Also you can review and discuss possible vocabulary:

    Valedictorian:  Student receiving the highest overall grade point average. / High Score