• Sensory Motor Break

    The links posted below provide an overview of what a "sensory motor break" entails. It also provides sensory motor activities and games that could be completed within the home envrionment. These sensory motor tasks are important to complete throughout the day to give your child a "break". Many students have difficulty sitting for an extended period of time and can become restless in their seat. These activities can help your child refocus and regain attention to their work!




    Sensory Break Instruction: You and your child should pick 3-4 activities to complete 1-2 times per day as a "sensory break" while they are completing their classroom work. These activities can last only 5-7 minutes total.
    You can switch these activities up every day. A fun way to complete these exercises is through a game of "Simon Says". Always allow your child to choose the last exercise!

    Examples to choose from:
    1. Walking like an animal (15 seconds)
    2.Running in place (15 seconds)
    3.10 arm circles forward and 10 arm circle backwards
    4.Jumping up and down 10 times
    5.Swaying back and forth like a tree (arms overhead)
    6.Deep Breathing in and out (pursed lips)
    7.Skipping back and forth
    8.Tossing a ball back and forth 10 times
    9.Wall pushups
    10.Wheel Barrel Walk