• Fine Motor Practice

    Posted below are two websites which provides fine motor activities that could be completed within the home environment. Fine motor skills are VERY important for children. Fine motor skills help students complete daily living tasks, such as feeding themselves and managing their fasteners. Fine motor skills are also important for grasping and pinching items such as toys, pencils, and crayons. Lastly, fine motor skills are also related to pre-writing and handwriting activities.


    Your Therapy Source Fine Motor


    MaMaOT Fine Motor


    Examples of fine motor activities could be completed with simple household items:

    1. Placing coins or cotton balls into a plastic container

    2. Paint with a a Qtip or cotton ball

    3. Stringing cereal (fruit loops, cheerios) on a string or pipcleaner

    4. Peel fruit (orange)


    *Any type of activity while a child is pinching, grasping, or utilizing their bilateral hands together will focus on their fine motor skills