• COVID-19 Resources

    This page includes resources that describes and explains COVID-19, provides best practices for safety, and resources for activities and other things to do with your children at home.


    PA Support and Referral Helpline 

    The Department of Human Services (DHS) launched a statewide Support & Referral Helpline staffed by skilled and compassionate caseworkers who will be available 24/7 to counsel Pennsylvanians struggling with anxiety and other challenging emotions due to the COVID-19 emergency and refer them to community-based resources that can further help to meet individual needs. The toll-free, round-the-clock support line can be contacted by dialing 1-855-284-2494. For TTY, dial 724-631-5600.

    Lehigh Valley Health Network Kids Guide

    This guide provides information about the disease among many other things. There are many ideas for kids to do and keep busy, things to do as a family, and other things about keeping keeping routines and setting goals.

    Centers for Disease Control

    The CDC provides all the recommendations, background information, among many others that you will find helpful about this disease.

    PA Department of Health

    The PA Dept. of Health provides daily updates after 12:00 P.M. regarding updated statistics and figures from this disease. It provides background information, healthy living ideas, among others. 

    National Association of School Psychologists

    The NASP  provides a parent resource on how to communicate with your child about COVID-19.


    BrainPop is a very good site that provides funny videos and learning experiences from a variety of topics including social emotional learning. A free account is offered for students. The username and password is HTEMS2020 and hawks2020.

    Action for Healthy Kids

    Action for Healthy Kids provides many different ideas to do while you and/ or your children are at home. These activities are geared toward their physical fitness and eating healthy. There are COVID-19 resources as well.

    WVIA Learn at Home

    The local PBS television channel is offering free steaming for their channel on any device. They are also offering at-home learning opportunities for grades 4-12 from 1:00 PM until 4:00 PM.