Behavior – A large portion of your grade will be behavior in class. RESPECT between other classmates and the teacher is important in my classroom, and any unacceptable behavior after verbal warnings will result in points lost.

    LOSS OF POINTS WILL INCLUDE (you cannot get points back once lost):

                                    Cursing audibly


                                    Late to class

                                    Unprepared for class (missing book, notebook, pencil)

                                    Not following instructions

                                    **Each time you commit the penalty, the more likely you are to lose more points


    PDNs – Almost every day a PDN will be on the board,on your PDN sheet, you write the question and answer. If you are absent a day, it is your responsibility to get the PDN from yesterday and fill it in. If you don’t hand them in on time, you have until the next turn-in date to get them to me, otherwise it is a ZERO. There will be opportunities to gain extra points through classroom chores.       


                Worksheets-.  There will be worksheets given for each topic covered to allow a more thorough understanding of the material.

                Attendance – Students will receive a zero for participation if they are absent and do not make up their missed work. All assignments will be posted daily to Teams.

                In-class activities – Some in class activities will be graded based off of your willingness to do them.  This includes worksheets and bell ringers.