2020-2021 Updates

    HAHS/HAAS Gifted Program

    (Gifted Website updated 6-03-2021)

    Brain Awareness Video Contest

    Get your community excited about neuroscience and put your creative skills to the test by creating an educational video about the brain.

    Closes Monday, June 28, 2021

    Win $1,000 and a trip to Chicago.


    June Write the Word Competition

    Theme- "Science Fiction-- An imagined world."

    Competition Opens: June 7, 2021 
    600-1,000 Words

    Win $100, $50

    Submit for Expert Review: June 14, 2021

    Final Entries Due: June 22, 2021


    2021 Virtual Mini Medical School April 29 and May 6 at 6 p.m.
    Mini Medical School offers in-depth, current medical information

    presented by Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) experts.
    They provide education – in layman’s terms – about diagnostic,

    therapeutic and preventive health topics. Registration is required for

    this free educational program.
    All participants must be age 13 or older. Register today!

    Please see the attached flyer with more information.


    Making A Difference: Great Teachers, 2021 Essay Contest

    (For Seniors Only) Due 4-15-21



    Write a 500 word essay about the teacher

    who has inspired you the most.


    Reedsy Short Story Contest

    1,000-3,000 Words

    Win $50  This week's theme:  Spring

    Due Friday, 3/26/2021


    National Space Settlement Contest

    Design a Space Settlement

    Contest opens December 2021

    Due 2/15/2022


    University of Scranton Earth Day Essay Contest

    300-500 Words limit

    Due April 9, 2021

    Reedsy Writing Contest

    Win $50 

    1,000-3,000 Words

    Theme: A Year Living with Covid

    Prompt Suggestions

    1. Write a story that spans exactly a year and takes place in a single room.

    2. Write about someone who grew up in a bunker, and lockdown life is all they’ve ever known.

    3. Set your story in a post-pandemic world, where the effects are still felt even as your character attempts to move on.

    4. Write about someone who’s trying to accomplish a task that used to be easy but is now made complicated by a pandemic.

    5. Start your story with a character struggling to remember the date, because every day is like the last one.

    Due Next Friday, 3/05/2021


    Start March

    WVIA's Great Teachers Essay Contest:

    Promote YOUR great teachers.

    Seniors write essays about the teacher

    who has made a difference in his or her life. 

    Winners will receive a $500 award and

    we'll post the winning essays online.


    Young Scholars Program at

    King's College

    take 100 Level College Courses for only $160.00

    Dual Enrollment opportunity


    New Teen Entrepreneur Competition (PSU)

    Turn Your Ideas into Cash!

    Pitch your ideas & Compete for $1,500 in Prizes: 

    Open to students in Grades 10-12

    (Open to to the first 15 students that apply)


    Topics Include:

    Learn how to start a business, Earn money

    Be a problem solver, Explore your passions

    Engage your community


    6:00-8:00 pm Tuesdays and Thursdays March 2 - April 15, 2021


    Pitch Competition          April 22, 2021



    Humans of Dementia Storytelling (Written or Photo) contest

    Win $500, $250, or $150

    No more than 750 words for written contest


    No more than 3 Photos for the photo contest

    Due 4/22/2021


    Dream, Learn, Pitch

    Just like "Shark Tank"

    Do you have business idea that you want to develop?

    Newly-extended deadline is now March 5, 2021,

    Win a top prize of $3,000

    Enter your videos to both competitions to
    increase your chances to win! 


    NEW Spring Stock Market Game and Budget Game 

    Starts Monday, February 15, 2021

    Ends April 23, 2021

    Ten Week Contest

    Win Prizes

    You can compete in both contests, even if you competed in them before.

    Mrs. Billet will email you your passwords this weekend.



    Upcoming BrainBee Virtual Competition will be held on Feb/27/2021.

    Registration is now open.

    Open to students age 13 - 18

    The event and registration info can be found in the following website.


    The registration is free and it's a great opportunity to test knowledge in neuroscience.

    The special keynote speaker for this year is Dr. Patricia Grigson, is the 

    Chair of the Neuroscience Department at Penn State University College of Medicine.  
    Prizes will be awarded to the top three contestants.

    Project Management

    Free Online Course for 9-12th graders

    Limit to only 50 students

    Registration is open now,

    Starts March 3,

    3:30-4:45 pm (Upd 1/28/2021)


    Online Stock Market Competitions   

    Spring 2021: Feb. 15 - April 23, 2021

    Each Division Wins Prizes
    First Place: $100 student; 

    Second Place: $50 student; 

    Third Place: $25 student; 

    Fourth To Tenth Place: $20 student
    Statewide: All Divisions Combined **
    First Place: $150 student; 

    Second Place: $100 student;

    Third Place: $50 student; 

    Fourth to Tenth: $20 student

    Spring 2021: Feb. 15 - April 23, 2021



    • Starting Cash: $100,000.00 

    • Minimum Buy Price: $10.00

    • Commission Fee: $10.00 

    • Two Stocks Minimum – 50%

    • Interest on Cash Balance: 1%

    • Short Selling and Margin Trading Allowed 

    • Margin Trading Allowed

    • Interest on Margin Accounts (borrowing) - 8%

    Updated 9-20-2020 


    The Patricia Grodd Poetry Prize for Young Writers

    Open to 10th & 11th graders

    Win a Week at The Kenyon Review

    Young Writers Workshop

    Due 11/30/2021

    Princeton University Ten Minute Play Contest- 

    Due on or before March 31, 2019

    Open to 11th Grade Students

    $500 Top Prize, $250 Second Place, $100 Third Place


    Ocean Awareness Contest

    Theme:  Water Rising

    Enter Visual Art, Creative Writing, Film,

    Interactive Multimedia, Performing Arts

    (Music & Dance), Poetry & Spoken Word 

    Multiple Prizes: $1,500, $1,000, $500, $250

    Due June 14, 2021



    Win $500, $250, $100

    Entries (limit five per person, no smaller than 4x6
    and no larger than 8x10)

    Deadline October 31, 2021

    (Updated 1-21-2021)



    2021 Benjamin Franklin Scholar Award (Only for 11th graders)

    Scholar Award Win $6,000, $4,000, $2,000

    750 Words limit

    Due: Friday, February 26, 2021


    Rotary HS Essay Contest

    Win $1,000, $500, $250, $50

    400-600 Words Max

    Due 2/19/2021 


    Summer Discovery Online Program for Gifted Students

    Online courses, world-class academics, community, college + career readiness

    Variety of Courses

    Instruction provided by UCLA

    Summer 2021 Courses with Community and College Readiness = $2,699

    For students in grades 9, 10, 11, 12

    Apply by 3/1/21


    On the Premises Short Story Contest

    Win $250, $200, $150, $75

    1,000-5,000 Words

    Theme:  Repairs

    Due 03/05/21(Upd 1/12/2021)


    American Banker's Association

    2021 "Lights, Camera, Save Video Contest"

    30 Second Video

    Win $5,000, $2,500, $1,000

    Ideas for Video Topics

    Automatic Savings


    Credit Score


    Direct Deposit

    Emergency Fund

    Paying for College

    Protecting Your Identity


    Due 3/01/21

    Teens for Alzheimer’s Awareness College Scholarship Essay Contest

    Win $5,000 Top Prize, multiple prizes

    Due 2/15/2021


    Spring Poetry Contest

    Creative Communication

    Open to 9th graders

    Win $25

    Due April 8, 2021


    Wergle Flomp Humor Poetry Contest 

    Deadline: 1st April 2021

    Length: 250 Lines or less

    Entry fees: There are no entry fees.

    • 1st prize: $2,000 

    • 2nd prize: $500

    Deadline: 1st April 2021


    Project Yellow Light Radio Ad

    Open to 11th/12th graders

    Win $2,000  (Only 20 seconds)

    Due April 1, 2020

    Project Yellow Light Video (25 secs max)

    Promote Safe Driving

    Win $8,000

    Open to 11th and 12th Graders

    Due April 1, 2021


    Project Yellow Light Billboard=

    Create a design for a billboard advertisement to encourage safe driving.

    Open to 11th and 12th graders

    High School 
    1ST Place Prize: $2,000 

    Due on March 1, 2021


    Virtual Career Fair

    March 9th and 11th, 2021

    • More than 50 local career exhibits
    • Downloadable career information and job videos
    • Virtual swag bag allow students to save what interests them
    • Online software is compatible with multiple devices; computers, tablets and mobile
    • Gamification which increases student engagement including a leaderboard and scavenger hunt
    • Asynchronous self-guided or teacher-led pre-event curriculum
    • Extended student access- 8 hours on event day, plus 24/7 access for 3 additional months!


    "We The Student Essay Contest"

    What is the relationship between Equality and Justice?

    500-800 Words

    Win $7,500,  $1,500, $500

    Due April 15, 2021


    Spring Stock Market Game starts February 15, 2020
    NEW Competition
    Luzerne County Competition and Statewide Competition
    Spring Stock Market Game Passwords will be emailed to you.
    There are additional prizes for ranking in Luzerne County.

    Spring Stock Market
    Competition Statewide Prizes*

    High School Prizes: 

    • First Place: $100 student
    • Second Place: $50 student
    • Third Place: $25 student
    • Fourth Place: $20 student
    • Fifth to Eighth Place: $20 student
    • Ninth & Tenth: $10 student


    Hazleton Jewish Community Center's

    Annual Holocaust Essay Contest



    Win $200, $100 

    300 Word limit 

    Deadline is 02/12/2021 (Upd 12-9-2020)

    International Comic Manga Schools Contest

    Opens 1-12-2021

    Enter 4-8 pages Comic Manga Book

    Deadline 4-29-2021

    Cash Win $3,300 top prize, Software, Tablet 

    Multiple prizes - multiple categories

    Updated 12/09/2020


    Take a tour of the American Museum of Tort Law
    (Click on the link below)
    The American Museum of Tort Law is a museum developed by Ralph Nader, located in his hometown of Winsted, Connecticut. The museum focuses on topics of civil justice and "aspects of the legal system that handle wrongful actions that result in injury". The museum opened to the public in September 2015.
    Established: 2015
    Founder: Ralph Nader
    Location: 654 Main Street, Winsted, Connecticut
    Type: Law Museum
    Updated 12-8-2020



    Sponsored by The John Quincy Adams Society

    Win $2,000, $500 (1,100 Word Limit)

    Due by February 28, 2021  (Updated 12-3-2020)


    Flip the Lens on Mental Health Stigma Youth Video Contest

    Create a video only 30 seconds

    Win $770, $385

    Due 01/31/2021

    (Updated 12-8-2020)

    PA Shakespearean Festival (PSF) Competition

    Present a timed Shakespearean monologue or a DuoTrio scene

    $15,000 Scholarships awarded
    Register by Feb 7, 020
    Entrance Fee Required
    Online Event is Sat, March 6, 2021
    Updated 11-24-2020

    $15,000 Scholarships awarded
    Register by Feb 7, 020
    Entrance Fee Required
    Online Event is Sat, March 6, 2021
    Updated 11-24-2020


    Chapman University Holocaust Contest

    Essay, Art, Film, Poetry or Prose Contest

    Win $$$ mulitple prizes

    Top prize win a trip to California for you and your parent and money

    Limit 3 entries per school

    (Updated 11-5-2020)


    Pennsylvania Society for Biomedical Research Poster Contest 

    "Biomedical Research Saves Lives" 2021 PSBR Poster Contest  

    A Total of $2,000 Cash Prizes (Multiple Awards)

    TOPIC: “BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH AND MY LIFE” Do you know someone who

    has benefited from vaccinations, pharmaceutical drugs, medical devices,

    surgery, or transplants? How does animal research help advance medicine

    and science? How have these life-saving technologies been developed? How

    has biomedical research affected the health of your dog, cat, or other pet?

    Due March 14, 2021



    Pennsylvania Society for Biomedical Research Poster Contest 

    "Biomedical Research Saves Lives" 2021 PSBR Poster Contest  

    Win $75 

    Contest Themes:

    • 3 R's: Replacement, Reduction, Refinement

    • Advancements in Biotechnology

    • Animal Research Saves Lives

    • Careers in Biomedical Research

    • Veterinary Advancements: Animal Research Helping Animals

    Due March 14, 2021


    Create a Business Plan & Film your pitch like Shark Tank Win $3,000 Due 2-1-2021

    New Entrepreneurship Program
    Dream, Learn, Pitch
    Win $3,000 top prize

    Do you like the TV Show--Shark Tank?

    Create a Business Plan and film your pitch and you could win $3,000

    Deadline 2-01-2021

    Princeton University Poetry Contest

    Open to 11th graders only

    You can submit up to 3 poems

    Win $500, $250, $100

    Deadline November 27, 2020


    The Hazleton Art Art League

    is seeking artwork for their Autumn Art Show

    All artists are welcome to submit their fall themed art for the upcoming Harvest Dream Invitational.

    This exhibit will run from November 6th - 27th.

    Art drop off is November 1st from 1:00 - 5:00 PM at the
    Hazleton Art League. (Updated 10/15/2020)

    John Stossel's TV Personality Annual Student Video Contest

    PRIVATE FRONTIER Video Contest!

    We want to know what your

    students think about entrepreneurship

    and innovation. (Elon Musk)

    Win $2,500, $1,000, $200

    Create a video (1-3 Minutes)

    Due March 8, 2020

    2020-2021 World of 7 Billion Student Video

    – about human population growth that highlights

    one of this year's global challenges: 

    Promoting Environmental Justice, 

    Strengthening Global Health, 

    Re-Imagining Industrial Systems

    60 Seconds Max

    Cash Prizes - Top Prize $1,200

    Due February 25, 2021 (Upd 9-30-20) 


    Upcoming Contest 

    PA Center for the Book's Wordstruck Essay Contest.
    The contest's dates have not been set yet,

    contest will start in either Nov-Dec.
    Please check the How to Submit to Wordstruck 

    page periodically for the latest.
    More info can also be found on the Wordstruck website (see the left

    column menu) and announcements will be made on our or 

    PA Center for the Book Facebook page.


    ASHG DNA Day Essay Contest

    Win $1,000, $600, $400, $100

    (750 Words Max)

    Deadline March 3, 2021

    Brain Bee

    at the University of Scranton

    will be held either February or March 2021

    Start preparing --now

    Open to grades 9-12

    Students must be registered



    National Academy of Engineering presents

    Salute engineering’s role

    in meeting and defeating COVID-19 challenges

    & win up to $500

    Open to Boys and Girls (Grades 9-12)

    700 Word Limit

    Due 2-1-2021 (Updated 9-20-2020)

    Northeast Pennsylvania Regional Bridge Building Competition


    Saturday, FEBRUARY 27, 2021 (Tentative Date)
    2021 Rules have not been posted yet, rules change every year. 

    Schools/Students must be registered by January 15, 2021. 

    (Updated 9-20-2020)


    Math Question of the Day Website 

    All Types of Math Problems



    WVIA Scholastic Scrimmage 2021

    TV shows will be taped in Early Spring 


    (Updated 1-25-2021) 


    Benjamin Franklin Scholar Award
    (Only for 11th graders)

    -Write an essay of no more than 750 words 

    The prompt will be announced.

    The essay deadline is February 2021


    Win $6,000

    Due: February __, 2021

    (Updated 9-20-2020)



    Sponsored by the John Quincy Adams Society 

    (Seniors can only participate).

    Maximum 1,100 words.  Due February __, 2021.

    Prizes  $2000, (one) $500 (two)

    Updated 9-20-2020



    Wordstruck Micro Essay on Literature that Redefined You 

    Only 200-350 Words WIn $250

    • Write an essay – of a minimum of 200 and maximum of 350 words – describing how a piece of literature (fiction/nonfiction/poetry/play/graphic novel) redefined your behavior, attitude, worldview, and/or personal perspective. The piece of literature must be self-selected and not assigned, e.g. by an educator/guardian.


    Describe how a written work has influenced you personally

    Wordstruck contest is open to Pennsylvania students in Grades 10-12 during the current school year

    Due date to be announced

     Updated 9-20-2020

    Bennington College Young Writers Award

    Open to students Grades 9-12 submit one entry by the November 1 deadline:

    > Poetry: a group of three poems. 
    Poems must be typed. Each page must clearly show the author's name.

    > Fiction: a short story or one-act play. 
    Short stories must be typed, double-spaced, and fewer than 1500 words. Scripts must be typed, double-spaced, and run no more than 30 minutes (playing time). Each page must clearly show the author's name.

    > Nonfiction: a personal or academic essay.
    Stories and nonfiction must be typed, double-spaced, and fewer than 1500 words. Each page must clearly show the author's name.

    Updated 9-20-2020



    World Historian Student Essay Competition

    Contest sponsored by: Northeastern University

    Length: approximately 1,000 words.

    2020 Writing Prompt/THEME: 

    In what way has the study of world history affected 

    my understanding of the world in which I live?

    Prize: $500.00  Due: May 1, 2021

    Updated 9-20-2020



    Win $30,000 Scholarship

    VFW Voice of Democracy


    The 2020-2021 theme is:  Is This the Country the Founders Envisioned?

    Students should record their reading of the draft to an

    audio CD or flash drive. The recording can be
    no shorter than three minutes and no longer than five

    minutes (plus or minus five seconds).

    Entries begin at the Post level. Once the student creates

    their essay and completes burning the audio version

    to an audio CD/flash drive, they can submit their

    typed version, CD/flash drive and the 

    Voice of Democracy entry form to to the

    local VFW post in West Hazleton

    by the October 31 deadline.

    (Updated 9-20-2020)



    Design a Space Settlement

    Sponsored by the National Space Society

    Win $5,000, work individually or in a group

    Open to all students- all grades

    Submission of 2021 contest entries will begin in December 2020 and will be due no later than February 15, 2021.

    Updated 9-20-2020


    American Foreign Service Association (AFSA) Essay (US

    State Department)

    Why Diplomacy & Peacebuilding Matter?

    (Amazing Prizes- Win a Trip to Washington- meet the Secretary of

    State, $2,500, and a Semester at Sea- Semester at Sea- is living on a

    cruise ship for an entire semester and travel the world --taking

    colleges classes onboard.)

    : April 2021

    2021 Essay Contest Topic  to be announced:

     In a 1,000-1,250 word essay

    Updated 9-20-2020


    National Rifle ssociation (NRA)

    Civil Rights Defense Fund Essay Contest

    Win: $1,000, $600, $200, $100  

    The NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund Youth Essay Contest is open to students in grades K through 12.

    To be eligible, you must submit an essay of about 1,000 words on the following theme: "What Does The Second Amendment Mean to You?"

    The theme for the essay is "What Does The Second Amendment Mean to You?"

    Deadline 12-31-2020

    Updated 9-20-2020

    Elks Student of the Month,

    If you would like to be nominated
    for this honor, please see Mrs. Billet (ASAP).

    Limited slots are available.

    Updated 9-20-2020



    "Talk To Your State Senator Video Contest"

    4th Annual Contest

    THEME:  To be announced

    Win $2,500, $1,500, $1,000   (3 minutes max)

    Due January __, 2021 

    Updated 9-20-2020


    2020 NASA Langley Student Art Contest!

    Theme to be announced


    STARTS: December 2020

    Deadline: December 2020

    Updated 9-20-2020


    Contest will start Fall 2020

    Princeton University's Leonard L. Milberg



    Open to 11th graders only
    Submit up to 3 poems online

    PRIZES: First Prize: $500   Second Prize: $250   Third Prize: $100

    Deadline: November __, 2020
    Details to be announced
    (Updated 9-20-2020)


    Pa Statistical Math Poster

    Multiple Cash Prizes

    See gifted website for rules and rubric

    Deadline on or before February , 2021

    (Information must be updated)

    (Updated 9-20-2020



    Science Without Borders Art Competition

    The theme for 2021 The theme for this year’s Challenge is

    “Mangroves Matter.” Mangroves are extremely important

    ecosystems providing many benefits. Participants should use

    their artistic talents to create a piece of artwork that


    how mangroves are important.

    Win $500, $350, $200

    Deadline March 1, 2020 (Updated 9-22-2020


    2021 Sony World Youth Photo Contesst

    FYI: in you are interested in joining HOSA

    (Future Medical Workers Club)

    You have a limited to join this club.

     Please listen for  the announcements.

    or contact

    Mrs. Malt and Mrs. Corrado .

    **There is a limited time to sign-up for this club.

    (This club is similar to FBLA but it is
    for those interested in working in the medical field.
    (Updated 9-20-2020)


    Brain Bee- Learn about the brain.

    Students can learn brain facts with Haikus,

    iew the updated Brain Bee Web page. Updated 8-22-19


    C-Span Student Resources

    Early American History 1492-1780

    Updated on 8-17-19


    Young Scholars Program at
    King's College
    take 100 Level College Courses for only $160.00
    Dual Enrollment opportunity




    Are you interested in the law?

    Do you like to do public speaking?

    The Mock Trial Club is looking for new members.

    What is Mock Trial?


    mock trial is an act or imitation trial
    Mock trials simulate lower-court trials. 
    Attorneys preparing for a real trial might use a mock trial 
    consisting of volunteers as role players to 
    test theories or experiment with each other.


    Brain Bee Newsletter,

    Learn New Facts

    See new webpage (4-17-19)


    C-SPAN AP History Review Prep
    C-SPAN page has been updated with additional links (4-15-19)


    Steps/Instructions on how to build
    your first mobile app from MIT


    Review Information on next year's
    MIT Computer App Contest for Students


    100 Greatest Novels to Read

    Time Magazine List

    (Summer Reading Suggestions)

    myCollegeOptions Scholarship Search
    New page added to the Gifted Website
    Very easy to use search engine to find scholarships!
    Freshmen to Seniors can use this site. 
    Please let me know if receive any scholarships from this search engine. (Updated 9-21-2020)

    How to write a screenplay.
    Step by Step Instructions
    (Updated 9-21-20)

    Elks Student of the Month.
    This opportunity is open only to seniors.
    Do you want to be student of the month? Please complete the attached form on the gifted website and give to Mrs. Billet (ASAP). Only a limited number of slots. (This is open only to seniors.)
    (Upd 9-21-20)




                                 Congratulations Gifted Students                                          of the 2020-2021 School Year             


    Isabelle Ritz (12th grader),

    from Hazleton Area High School, and

    Megan Novak (12th grader),

    from Hazleton Area Academy of Sciences;

    have been selected by

    The Standard-Speaker, in cooperation

    with Penn State Hazleton

    and PPL Utilities,

    to be honored as a

    "qualified graduating senior.”

    Isabelle and Megan are two of 15

    local seniors

    that received this honor.












    Tessah Sudziarski, 11th grader at HAAS,

    was accepted in to 

     Reach Hei, Center of Excellence,

    Medical Interns Program.



    Kiera Kupsho, 9th grader,

    participated in the 2021

    Virtual Mini Medical School on

    April 29 and May 6.


    The Mini Medical School offered in-depth,

    current medical information

    and it was presented by 

    Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) experts.



    Jakob Narrow, a 10th grader at the Hazleton Area Academy of Sciences STEM School (HAAS), was awarded $400.00 from  the Freeland VFW. Jakob received this award for his entry for the Voice of Democracy Essay Contest. 

    This year’s theme was: “Is This the Country the Founders Envisioned?”  

    Jakob wrote and recorded a five-minute speech on this year's theme.   

    Each year, nearly 64,500 9-12 grade students from across the country enter to win their share of more than $2 million in educational scholarships and incentives awarded through the program.



    Kyra Zabretsky,

    a gifted 12th grader at HAAS,

    will be attending

    Syracuse University. 

    Kyra has been accepted into

    the honors program. 

    Kyra will studying

    Television, Radio, and Film and Pre-Law.



    Kittrick Danzeisen,

    a gifted 12th grader at HAAS,

    will be attending the

    University of Pittsburgh.

    Kittrick will be majoring

    Computational Biology.



    Kayleigh Correll,

    a gifted 12th grader at HAAS,

    will be attending

    Temple University.

    Kayleigh will be studying 

    Public Health. 



    Tommy Ziegler,

    a gifted 12th grader at HAAS,

    will be attending

    Kutztown University.

    Tommy will be studying 

    Supply Chain Management. 



    Mosiah Bennett,

    a gifted 12th grader at HAAS,

    will be attending the

    University of Pittsburgh.

    Mosiah will be studying Civil Engineering. 



    Alex Schell,

    a gifted 12th grader at HAAS,

    will be attending

    Villanova University.

    Alex will be studying

    mechanical engineering.





    Megan Novak,

    a gifted 12th grader at HAAS,

    placed third in the

    Pennsylvania- Council on Financial Literacy


    Luzerne County Spring 2021 Budget Game. 

    Megan finished the game with the

    Net Worth of $8469.37 and a

    Credit Score of 840.



    Landon Wolk,

    a gifted twelfth-grader at HAAS, has

    committed to the University of Florida.

    Landon will study Finance.


    Donald Veglia,

    (a gifted 12th grader at HAAS),

    will be majoring in

    Atmospheric Science


    Penn State University Park.

    Donald will also be minoring 

    in architecture. 


    Steven Santana,

    (a gifted 12th grader at HAAS),

     has decided to join

    the United States Marines. 

    Thank you for your service. 

    Brayan Pena Lorenzo,

    (a gifted 12th grader at HAAS),

    will be attending Penn State University.

    Brayan will be studying

    Aerospace Engineering.

    Julia Mrochko,

    (a gifted 12th grader at HAAS),

    will be attending the

    University of South Florida

    to play softball and major in Finance.

    Julia has been accepted into the

    Business Honors College.



    Joey Halcisak,

    (Class of 2020 HAAS),

    is one of three students at HAAS

    to make it to the Big Essay Finals for the

    TecBridge Competition.

    The students have already won $500.00

    and have a

    chance to win $1000.00.

    Joey Halicsak (12th Grader)

    made the finals for his

    Collegiate Business Plan.

    These students now have a chance

    to win $10,000.

     Joey Halcisak, Logan Buglio, and

    Brandon DaGrosa won the

    High School Competition 2 years ago.

    The students won a $1000

    and they generously gave it to our








    The Hazleton Area High School Spirit Club 


    Brett Antolick - Boys Baseball for the

    Outstanding Student Athlete 

    of the Week Program





    Evan Matyas, 12th grader at HAAS,

    will be attending Villanova University

    in Philadelphia, PA.

    Evan will be studying

    chemical engineering.



    Kiera Kupsho, (9th grader at HAAS), 

    has placed first in the 9th grade category

    of the 

    University of Scranton's

    Earth Day Essay Contest

    This year's theme was was 

    “Caring for our Common Home.”



    To the Gifted Trivia Team,

    the competed against

    Wyoming Area High School on 4/20/2021.

    The competition was amazing.

    The television show will be

    broadcasted on a later date.

    The Trivia Team included:

    Landon Wolk (12th)

    Megan Novak (12th)

    Isabelle Ritz (12th)

    Bryce Greco (10th)

    Gabrielle Howe (9th)

    2021 Scholastic Scrimmage Team



    The Hazleton Area School District FBLA club is proud to share the student winners of last night's state leadership conference.

    Competitive Events State Award Winners:

    9th Place in Public Speaking,

    Isabelle Seratch

    (11th Grader HAAS)

    7th Place in Introduction to Business Presentation,

    Jakob Narrow

    (10th Grader HAAS)







    After high school, Megan Novak

    (12th grader at HAAS)

    has decided to study

    Environmental Science

    at Wilkes University

    in Wilkes-Barre, PA.




    Outstanding Student Athlete of the Week

                       Boys Baseball: Nick Biasi                                        

    Nick led the Hazleton Area Cougars to victory on the

    hill. He surrendered one run on one hit over 4 innings,

    striking out nine and walking one.

    Way to Go Nick!



    Paige Roof, (12th grader HAAS),

    has officially enrolled into

    DeSales University for their accelerated 3+2

    Physician Assistant program! 


    Good Luck!

    Kiera Kupsho (9th grader at HAAS)

    has submitted an essay for the

    University of Scranton Earth Day Contest.

    Good Luck!

    Congratulations to Amaury Fernandez

    (12th grade HAAS),

    Amaury has been accepted into

    Johns Hopkins University

    as an Early Decision student.

    Amaury  will be majoring in either

    chemistry and/or neuroscience and he

    will follow the premed track.


    Congratulations to

    Ian Kramer 
    (11th grader HAAS). 

    Ian placed third for Week 6 of the

    ten-week competition of the

    Pennsylvania Council of Financial Literacy

    (PennCFL) Spring Luzerne

    County Stock Market Competition. 

    Ian started with $100,000

    and earned 9.04% on his investment.


    School rankings for Week 6 of the 

    Luzerne County PennCFL 

    Spring Stock Market Completion were:


    First Place:  Lake Lehman


    Second Place:  Wyoming Valley West 


    Third Place:  Hazleton Area Academy of Sciences STEM School


    Congratulations to Ian Kramer

    (11th grader HAAS). 

    Ian Kramer placed third for Week 5 of the ten-week

    competition of the Pennsylvania Council of Financial

    Literacy (PennCFL) Spring Luzerne County Stock

    Market Competition.  Ian started with $100,000. 

    Ian has made 7.06on his investment.


    School rankings for Week 5 of the 

    Luzerne County PennCFL

    Spring Stock Market Completion



    First Place:  Lake Lehman

    Second Place:  Wyoming Valley West 

    Third Place:  Hazleton Area Academy of Sciences STEM School


    Julia Mrochko (12th grader at HAAS),

    has been selected for the

    Elks Student of the Month.

     Her future plans include attending the

    University of South Florida to major in finance

    with investment analysis and play

    Division 1 softball.

    Good Luck!

    Kiera Kupsho (9th grader at HAAS),

    has entered an essay to the

    Biomedical Ethics Essay Contest 2021.

    Kiera wrote an essay on the importance

    of the Flu Vaccine.

    Good Luck!
    Congratulations to Ian Kramer (11th HAAS).  Ian Kramer placed third for Week 3 of the ten-week competition of the PennCFL Spring Luzerne County Stock Market Competition.  Ian started with $100,000.  In only three weeks Ian has earned a profit of $8,040.02.
    School rankings for Week 3 of the  Luzerne County PennCFL Spring Stock Market Completion were:
    First Place Wyoming Valley West High School

    Second Place Dallas Area High School

    Third Place Hazleton Area Academy of Sciences STEM School

    Good Luck!

    Bryce Greco (11th grader),

    has submitted an essay,

    "Our Country, a Collapsing Cake"


    to the

    2021 Benjamin Franklin Scholar Award

    Good Luck!  


    Kittrick Danzeisen (12th)

    won Best Attorney.

    and the Mock Trial team

    for their competition at the

    District Tournament.

    Hazleton Area finished

    undefeated beating

    every team in the district


    The team will compete in the state tournament in March.


    Good Luck to

    Megan Kernis (10th)

    Megan entered

    the Hazleton Jewish Community Center

    Annual Holocaust Essay Contest.

     Good Luck!


    to Julia Brobrowski (9th)

    Julia placed second in the

    PennCFL Luzerne County

    Stock Market Game

    for Week 1 of the ten-week 




    Congratulations to

    Kiera Kupsho (9th)

    Her poem "Coming Together"

    has been selected to be

    published in an anthology.

     Kiera entered her poem in

    the Fall Creative

    Communication Contest. 

    This is the same contest

    Taylor Swift won when she

    was in the fifth grade.



    to the top scorers in the

    February Math League.


    Good Luck

    to Megan Kernis (10th).

    She entered the UNIGO $10,000


    Megan wrote an essay on 

    "Imagine a historical figure is brought to

    life.  Who is it?  And what is his or her

    favorite mobile app?

    Megan wrote about Galileo.

    Good Luck!  



    Ian Kramer (11th),

    he placed 9th out of

    thousands of students in the

    statewide Fall 2020

    Stock Market Game.

    Ian was awarded a

    $10.00 Amazon Gift Card.

    Ian earned $201,671.68. 

    Ian started with a $100,000.

    Ian earned an amazing return

    on his investment of 100.67%



    to the top scorers in the

    January Math League Question Series



    to Tessah Sudziarki (11th)

    for placing 14th in statewide

    PennCFL Fall 2020

    Budget Game.



    to the top scorers in the

    December Math League Question Series.


    Congratulations to the

    students that participated in

    the Fall 2020 Statewide Budget Game:

    Julia Mrochko (12th)

    Megan Novak (12th)

    Molly Znachko (12th)

    Tessah Sudziarski (11th)

    Perla Villegas (11th)

    Ryan Coghill (10th),

    and Kiera Kupsho (9th)



    to the top scorers in the

    November Math League



    Congratulations to

    Jakob Narrow (10th)

    he was accepted in to the

    "Civics Unlimited" Online Program.

    "Civics Unlimited is a 5-month civic

    leadership program that empowers

    students represent every region of the U.S.

    with tools, training and community to build

    the future of American democracy.

    Jakob was selected from students

    from the US, as well as, students from 47

    different countries that applied to the


    North & South America,

    Europe, Africa, and Asia.


    Good Luck to

    Megan Kernis (10th),

    she entered the

    Jane Austen 

    Video Contest.

    Good Luck!  


    to the top

    scorers in the October Math

    League Question Series.



    to the top students in the

    November Gifted Trivia Challenge

    Landon Wolk (12th)

    Isabelle Ritz(12th)

    Donald Veglia (12th)

    Curt CJ Gammer (10th)

    Bryce Greco

    Gianna Labert (11th)

    Ian Kramer (11th)


    Good Luck to

    Jakob Narrow (10th grader)

    for entering the

    VFW Voice of Democracy


    The 2020-2021 theme wass:  Is This the

    Country the Founders Envisioned?

    Good Luck!  
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