• Classroom Procedures for
    Mr. Bitel





    Percentage of Grade







    Final Exam


    Class Participation:


                Class participation includes attending class, being prepared for class, completing homework assignments, completing class work assignments, taking notes, and contributing positively to the classroom environment.

                Each student will begin the quarter with 100 class participation points.  Points will be deducted for inappropriate behavior and being unprepared for class.   Students will lose 1 point for each time they are late to class,  5 points for sleeping during class, and 5 points for not taking notes, working on the class work, or not completing the homework.

                Students that have 8 or more unexcused absences will receive a zero, 0, in class participation. 

                If a cell phone is taken from a student, it will be turned into the student's grade level office.

                Students can see this grade throughout the semester.


    Homework/Class work:


                There will be a considerable amount of homework and class work.  There will be time in class to begin assignments.  However, the student should be completing the assignment at home.  It is necessary that the assignment is completed when the assignment is given.  This will ensure understanding of the material.


           Please Do Nows

                Students will complete Please Do Now problems prior to the start of class.  These PDN’s will be graded on completeness throughout the semester. Some PDN problems may be on quizzes and tests. 


    Make-up Work:


                The student is responsible for obtaining the notes and assignments missed during his/her absence.  The students will have the opportunity to make up missed work as long as the absence was excused by the school.