• Classroom Procedures & Expectations for
    Mr. Batory's Classes

    Little Arrow ALL STUDENTS are expected to be on time for class each day, as well as being prepared for the activities that they will be participating in. Students are also expected to have proper classroom materials such as a pen or pencil to write with.

    Little Arrow Assigned seating will be provided, and students are expected to be alert and focused, while participating in classroom discussions and activities.

    Little Arrow Classroom rules of conduct, as posted in the Student Code of Conduct Handbook are expected to be followed. Shop classes also emphasize safety considerations, due to the nature of working with tools, materials and machines. Any student who is blatantly unsafe will be disciplined by the administration and or security and can be removed from the class.

    Little Arrow Use of Personal Electronic Devices in any classroom is prohibited by school district policy.

    Little Arrow The Unlawful Harassment and Anti-Bullying Policy will also be enforced. 

    Little Arrow For any other concerns you may have as far as student rights and responsibilities please see this page.